MHSA's Specialized Services:

Comprehensive Advocacy Services

In order to represent our clients' concerns when issues affecting them are being considered, debated or altered, MHSA advocacy services include, but are not limited to the following: strategic planning; issue consultation, development and management; monitoring legislation; providing accessibility to government policy makers; drafting or amending relevant legislative proposals; committee attendance including orchestrating and/or presenting testimony; coalition building; and direct lobbying of key policy makers and their staffs.

Strategic Consulting and Monitoring Services

As an alternative to MHSA comprehensive advocacy services, MHSA also provides services limited to strategic consulting and monitoring of the Michigan Legislature, Executive Branch, and Administrative agencies. Our efforts would include gathering and reporting of political and governmental intelligence along with strategies regarding issues of interest to the client.

Economic Development and Procurement Specialists

The MHSA team successfully coordinates, manages and expedites the efforts of clients seeking to site a new business in Michigan or expand an existing facility. MHSA serves as a quarterback for our clients' projects by cutting the red tape of the regulatory and permitting process, keeping projects on schedule, and securing and negotiating economic development incentives. In addition, MHSA's staff provides strategic assistance to clients seeking to pursue procurement opportunities with the State of Michigan.

Political Analysis and Research

MHSA provides clients timely information regarding the current political environment that often drives legislative activity. This useful information includes election analysis regarding Senate, House and statewide candidates and on-going political commentary on key issues.

Political Action Committee (PAC) Compliance and Development

The MHSA staff provides grass roots organizing and political action committee (PAC) development activities to help clients form a PAC, comply with campaign finance laws, raise funds, create strategic budgets, and enhance their existing PAC programs.

Trade Association Management

MHSA also offers daily association management and coordination for several clients. MHSA's experienced staff assures that both the day-to-day and long-term functions of these associations operate smoothly.

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