Unparalleled Reputation and Experience

Since our founding in 1988, MHSA has earned the reputation as one of Michigan's leading lobbying firms. Crain's Detroit Business and Inside Michigan Politics have consistently placed MHSA among the top firms lobbying in Michigan. MHSA's specialized services and professional staff provide our clients with creative solutions and access to the decision makers for public policy, state budget issues, economic development projects and procurement opportunities with the State of Michigan. 

Michigan's "Number 1" Multi-Client Lobbying Firm

MHSA - A Michigan lobbying firm

Recently, MHSA was named Michigan's "Number 1" multi-client lobbying firm and "Number 1" lobbying organization (which includes corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations and multi-client lobbying firms) according to a comprehensive survey conducted by Inside Michigan Politics (IMP).

Of equal importance, out of the more than 4,100 registered lobbyist agents in Michigan, five MHSA lobbyists earned honors and were ranked in the category of "Individual Lobbyists: The Top 10." Our five lobbyists earning a top 10 individual power ranking include Pat HarringtonJon SmalleySandi JonesAdrian Cazal and Bret Marr. In order to determine the power ranking of organizations and individuals who are both "players" and "effective," the IMP survey was distributed to all members of the Michigan Legislature, selected legislative and administration staff members, members of the capitol news media, and others.

MHSA's Unique Team Approach

MHSA - Michigan Lobbying Firm

MHSA is unique among Michigan lobbying firms because we provide a highly effective “team approach” to advocacy and client service - something that other large multi-client lobbying firms do not effectively provide and smaller firms simply cannot offer.

Under MHSA’s team approach, one lobbyist assumes primary responsibility for your needs, yet all MHSA lobbyists are fully prepared and readily available as your advocates. This ensures multiple points of expertise and multiple points of access to policy makers and their staffs so that our clients maintain the highest level of presence in Lansing.

Meet the MHSA Lobbyists.